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Versatile – Smart Cladding System

With every great design, and creative architectural flair comes the challenge of the right material for the right design, and the right solution for a potential “translation of design-to-reality” dilemma.

TigerPROFILES has long been aware of the importance of supporting architects and designers unleash your designing potential, and as such, we present to you Versatile - a smart cladding solution that has been designed with you in mind.

Versatile in name, nature and ability, our tiles enable you to realize your design vision for any surface - interior, exterior, domes, roofing and cladding and available in any metal material, texture and finish - Versatile is yours to make it your own.


Our Versatile cladding solution is perfectly suited to take the shape of your designed dome, to ensure your desired look and feel.


Using Versatile will allow a roof to become part of the architectural appeal of any design. Versatile not only looks good, it is also is available with and without an insulation option.


Versatile cladding not only participated in the realization of new designs – it also brings new life into existing buildings. Versatile is an ideal smart solution to give a building a cost efficient and highly attractive new look without having to stop any internal operations or compromise on any thermal, acoustic or fire properties.


The use of Versatile is not limited to the exterior of a building. Beautiful and richly decorated interiors can be achieved with the use of our Versatile interior material options.


Columns deserve the royal Versatile treatment. From mirrored finishes to a velvety or fabric-like look and feel, Versatile will lend its appeal to any interior or exterior column.

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