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The latest addition to our system range is our TEBs - Tiger Engineered Building Systems. Far more superior to conventional PEBs - Pre-Engineered Building Systems in dimensional flexibility, design ability, production capability and cost efficiency, our TEBs are your ideal solution for protection of your investments and assets in a range of industries, including agriculture, farming, manufacturing, commercial, industrial and warehousing.

Our TEBs - Tiger Engineered Building Systems are manufactured from cold formed galvanized high tensile steel sections which are more cost-effective, faster to construct and much more energy efficient than equivalent hot rolled portal frame buildings.

Our TEBs are environmental friendly, with a carbon footprint emission of 86 kg CO2 e per tonne less than hot rolled portal frame buildings.

Our TEBs do not require further manufacturing and are delivered directly from the roll forming plant to the building site, resulting in substantial savings in both money and time.

TigerPROFILES TEBs are suitable for light industrial, commercial, rural & domestic applications.


We have in place a software platform which designs, costs and orders its TEBs.

The simple interface allows us to design buildings from small domestic sheds to large industrial and commercial factories. In fact, it is so easy to use that even those without experience can design a tailor-made building unique for each client, in just minutes. From the initial quote to finalizing the building order, the software accurately details:


  • Prices
  • Hole Punch Details
  • Portal Frame Dimensions
  • Supplier Purchase Orders
  • Bill of Materials
  • Concrete Footing Details
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Detailed Client Quotations

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TEB - Tiger Engineered Building Systems Catalogue

TEB - Tiger Engineered Building Systems Catalogue
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