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Our TR 35/200  trapezoidal profile is characterized by its corrugated depth of 35mm, pitch of 200mm and its covered width of 1,000mm. 

Applicable in its usage for roof and wall applications, the profile’s use as a single skin roof and wall cladding is complemented with the use of our specially formed matching curved eave, pre-bent (PB) ridge and translucent sheets.

As with all our products, the “profile” undergoes a strict quality procedure starting with the first rate engineering judgment or design, following through to the procurement of only the highest quality raw materials, passing through of the fabrication process using state of the art technologies and highly skilled efficient labor, continuing to strenuous quality control and assurance measures that ensure that the finished product accurately adheres to the client requirements and the international quality standards by which we operate.

We provide a range of customizable accessories for our TR 35/200 Roof and Wall Profiles such as:

  • Curved eave TR 35/200
  • PB Ridge
  • Flashing
  • Gutters
  • GI Self-tapping screws with neoprene
  • SS Self-drilling screws with neoprene
  • Butyle Sealant tape
  • Purlin Tape
  • PVC Tape
  • PVC Color Caps
  • Aluminum Rivets
  • Bulb-tite Rivets
  • Filler Blocks matching with the Sheet Profiles
  • Silicon Sealant

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TR 35/200 Single Skin Roof & Wall Profile Data Sheet

TR 35/200 Single Skin Roof & Wall Profile Data Sheet
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