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The K-Span system manufactured by TigerPROFILES meets the requirements for commercial, industrial, agricultural, military, aviation or institutional pre-engineered buildings.

Similar to T-Seam® panels, our panels are roll formed on site to your required length using the portable roll forming machine. These panels are self-supporting and modular. The K-Span foundation is prepared, and the panels are connected in a straight or arched fashion and are shaped into a solid unit as per your design requirements.

The final shape and strength of the materials used cancel the need for columns, beams, or any other type of interior support. This ensures that the built up space inside the K-Span structure can be fully utilized for the purpose it was built, with a minimal constriction in space and movement.

The need for conventional steel structures is eliminated, thus drastically reducing the overall time and cost required to get from concept to reality.

All of the panel-to-panel connections are joined using a seaming machine that eliminates the need and presence of holes, nuts, bolts, or any other type of fastener to slow down construction or create leaks.


  • Durability – lifetime waterproof seams
  • Versatility – adapts to a wide variety of design functions
  • Can be used together with conventional structures
  • Speed of construction
  • Lower construction and maintenance cost
  • Easy to expand and modify
  • Advantageous in retrofit projects

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