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We manufacture a range of pre-insulated ventilation ducts that conform to international standards including ASTM, ANSI, British Standards and European Norms.

The benefits of using our pre-insulated ducts include:

  • Economical & cost effective
  • Lightweight resulting in reduced dead weight for any construction
  • Faster pace of construction due to ease in handling, workability & Joineries
  • Improves thermal efficiency, minimize loss due to leakages & reduced running cost of power
  • Free from crevices and fissures and prevents the development of germs & microbes
  • The ducting can be painted to match the color scheme of main construction if required.

Our pre-insulated ventilation ducts are available in a range of dimensions and for multiple uses.

Production Capacities:

We can produce an average of 10,000m2/day of Pre-Insulated Ventilation Ducts of various dimensions.


PUR & PIR Insulation: with 90% minimum closed cells (fire retardant quality available upon request). Available in thickness of 20mm, with density of 48 Kg/m3. Higher thickness can be considered on client request and subject to minimum quantity order.

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Tiger Ventilation Ducts & Accessories 2013

Tiger Ventilation Ducts & Accessories 2013
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Pre-Insulated Ventilation Ducts Data Sheet

Pre-Insulated Ventilation Ducts Data Sheet
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