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The Concealed (secret/hidden) Fix Wall Panels (also known as Concealed Fastener Wall Panels) manufactured by TigerPROFILES were developed in response to the mounting demand for superior and highly efficient architectural solutions. Called upon to meet the requirements of the most challenging designs, the concealed fix wall panels present a clean appearance appealing to even the most sophisticated of architectural concepts. Characterized by a number of elements, these panels are mostly recognized for their ability to provide a continuous wall panel from foundation to eave thus eliminating the need for end-laps while assuring wall integrity and weather-tightness. They are depended on to create an aesthetically pleasing design, their durability, and their availability in a multitude of forms, colors, and specifications offering an infinite number of solutions to those whose imagination knows no bounds.

Our Concealed Fix Wall Panels are characterized by being:

  • Suitable for residential, industrial and commercial applications.
  • Available in  standard and custom widths, in a   variety of colors and materials that appeal to a wide range of customer preferences and requirements.
  • Assembled in side-by-side overlapped relation, and the panel members present a unified and solid look through the alignment of the longitudinal ribs formed by overlapping the complimentary male and female partial ribs of adjacent panel members.
  • Their implementation offers an attractive, flat wall appearance for  architectural, commercial and industrial markets.
  • Are watertight and present a durable resistance to most weather conditions.
  • Possess outstanding insulating properties due to the superior chemical structure of polyurethane.
  • Have a low dead weight due to the combination of lightweight materials.
  • Are simply and quickly erected.
  • Have a low maintenance cost due to the  implementation of selection of long life materials.
  • Are presented by TigerPROFILES  in a  complete design and supply package.

We provide you with the following accessories for our concealed fix panels:

  • Concealed Fix Joint Cover
  • Corner Panel

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Concealed Fix Insulated Wall Panel Data Sheet

Concealed Fix Insulated Wall Panel Data Sheet
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Internal Partition Insulated Wall Panel Data Sheet

Internal Partition Insulated Wall Panel Data Sheet
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