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Cool-it Ceram is a range of highly durable, selected topcoat colors for use on roofs where lowered roof temperatures due to better heat management are combined with appealing roofing colors. The cutting-edge technology used in the Coolit Ceram colors permits significantly lower heat ingress to penetrate the under-roof space which then radiates through into the living/working spaces of homes and buildings while maintaining maximum durability and service life of the roof coating and the actual roofing material.

Dependent upon the color selected, temperature reductions inside the living/working areas can be between 8 - 12 degrees Celsius cooler than with similar colors made using traditional roofing coatings. This reduced heat influx through the roof cavity can then be translated into much reduced demand on air-conditioning power units resulting in actual cost savings and also green-house gas emissions through reduced electricity generation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly durable pigments
  • Selected range of colours


Approximately 10-12m2 per litre depending on application method.

Sizes Available:

4lt,15lt, 20lt

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Cool-It Ceram Heat Reflecting Coatings Catalogue

Cool-It Ceram Heat Reflecting Coatings Catalogue
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