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Our Bridging or Purlin Sag Rod system is the most adaptable and flexible Sag Rod system available, to securely brace both Z and C purlins and girts of depths 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400mm. It is also fast and easy to install and can accommodate most construction configurations.

The system consists of solid Sag Rod assemblies between purlins and girts, proving accurate and fast purlin bracing with no adjustments required.

Purlins and girts display two types of lateral instability:

  • lateral deflection and
  • twist (rotation or roll)

It is necessary to control these instabilities by providing suitable bracing as close as possible to the flanges of the section. Bracing can be continuous (such as rigid cladding suitably fastened to the flange), or point bracing at the midspan region (or at a point of maximum bending), or several points at the midspan region, depending on span length.

In practice, TigerPROFILES single skin cladding profiles with screw fasteners are a suitable lateral bracing when attached to the flange. However, as with all thin walled claddings, the twisting resistance is difficult to quantify.

Consequently, point bracing is still required to resist twist of the section and lateral deflection of the free flange. Point bracing is also required to stabilize and straighten the purlins and girts prior to fixing of the cladding in order to facilitate the fixing operations.

Point bracing types are ‘ties’ and ‘Sag Rod’. Ties (Straps) can be loaded in tension only.

Sag Rods are solid members secured to the webs of the purlins and girts. They can be loaded in tension and compression. For this reason, a continuous run of Sag Rod is the most effective stabilizer for both wall and roof and is the most widely accepted.


The basic parts of each Sag Rod assembly are the locators and Flip Locks. They firmly lock each purlin or girt in position when simply located and hooked into the Sag Rod holes from opposite sides of the web.

Locators and clamps have hook centers to match the holes punched in the webs of our purlins and girts.

Our Sag Rod System components are not sold individually, only as part of a Sag Rod assembly.

Sag Rod assembly

Sag Rod assemblies are supplied in lengths to suit the nominated purlin or girt spacing.

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Cold Formed Profile Sag Rods Data Sheet

Cold Formed Profile Sag Rods Data Sheet
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