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Metal Furring Suspended Ceiling System

Our “Metal Furring Suspended Ceiling System” presents itself as the ideal solution to the dilemma of suspending ceilings without the incorporation of visible joints or exposed supporting members, thus allowing for a smooth finished ceiling.

Specially selected galvanized steel is used in the production process of all the studs and related accessories, and our international conforming standards are based on the following specifications:

After extensive research, all dimensions have been carefully determined to suit the market requirements and available insulation infill materials. Ensuring availability and client support is no longer an issue of concern prior to ordering since the flexibility of the production scheduling allows immediate processing of special orders at clients’ request to avoid delays in supply.

Metal Stud Partition

Metal stud partitions’ sections are lightweight, non-load bearing and quickly assembled on site. They provide low-cost partitions suitable for all types of buildings. Erection can be carried out by one man.


The erection time varies depending on the condition of the fixing surfaces and the optional components to be fitted. An estimated erection time is 2 to 3m2per man hour for a single layer partition and 1.5 to 2 m2per man hour for a 100 mm double layer partition.In order to accommodate simple plumbing and electrical conduits’ penetrations, TigerPROFILES provides punched openings at regular intervals.

Ceiling Grids

TigerPROFILES’ components are composed of:

  • Angle 25
  • Furring channel 39
  • Main channel 38

This system is manufactured to accommodate 60x60 tiles panel. Stud & Track Bottom cover finish

Bottom cover finish

The visible bottom flange is 24 mm wide and is covered in white color coating capping. We can also offer the capping in a wide range of color shades.

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Cold Formed Profile Stud & Tracks Data Sheet

Cold Formed Profile Stud & Tracks Data Sheet
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